PetPalz the home pet feeding company!
Going on holiday? Need your pets feeding?


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Welcome to PetPalz the home pet feeding company in Wellington!

Going on holiday? Don't use Kennels we can feed your pets, dogs, cats and animals at home!  Minimize the stress of Catteries when you are on holiday and leave your pets at home in familiar surroundings!

We're committed to providing you with hassle-free, high quality service whenever you're away from your pets, and can tailor our service to meet your needs.

What we offer:

  • Initial consultation to meet you and your pet's if you would like
  • Pet feeding (either inside or outside)
  • Mail collection
  • Property checked
  • Pot-plants watered

It's good for your pet's

Although people love to travel, it's not always true with animals. Fresh air, the freedom to move about, and staying at home in familiar surroundings can minimize the stress for your pet's of you being away.

Every pet has different dietary needs - from the food they like or dislike, to the amount they eat each day,  We'll make sure they're fed each day (plus given any medication if required) just as if you were still there.

One-on-one service and attention - we only have your pet's to focus on when we call each day, so we can easily monitor if they're eating well and in good health.

And good for you too!

Friends, family and flatmates are great resources, but sometimes it's just too much to ask - especially if you're away for a while.

Even if you've cancelled your mail and newspapers, circulars and junk mail can soon fill your mailbox.  We'll clear your mailbox every time we visit so that it's not obvious that you're away.

With a 101 things to organise, home pet feeding saves you time and the inconvenience of a trip to the cattery or kennels before and after your holiday. Simply close the door behind you on the way out, and we'll take over from there.

Customer testimonials

“ Jeremiah was euphonise last week end, he'd gotten in pain with his arthritis and he'd lived a long life 19 years, it w...”

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